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Regular  Teas      

Whether you like it white or black, sweet or not, these classic teas will hit the spot......   Classic Black       $4.00                     English Breakfast  $4.00

                    Earl Grey           $4.00

Sparkling Teas

My personal favourite, an awesome way to get all the benefits of Cold Brewed Tea with a thirst quenching fizzy kick!

         All Sparkling Teas  $4.00

Matcha Magic

Our Matcha is a blend of leaf & fine powder from Japanese green tea served hot or as a latte with a little honey to sweeten.

         All Matcha Teas  $4.00

Herbal  Teas      

Herbal Teas are a great way to add antioxidants, flavonoids and minerals into your diet. We have wide range of herbal blends to choose from.......

         All Hot Steeped blends  $4.00

Cold Brew Teas

Our Cold Brewed Teas are made inhouse using selected blends. Because they are steeped cold and over a longer period they have a smoother & cleaner flavour and can contain more antioxidants than Hot Steeped Teas. They are unlike Iced Teas which are brewed hot then cooled. They contain no calories & are excellent for quenching thirst and hydrating the body.......                               All Cold Steeped Blends  $4.00

IPlease be aware that Tea Blends can contain Fruits, Herbs & Spices that some people may be allergic too, please ask to see a full ingredients list if you are concerned.

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